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TV wall mounting is the attaching of your tv onto the surface of a wall to provide you with a suitable viewing angle. Whether you are in the mood for a DIY project, or you would rather have technicians over for a quick, neat setup, there are steps that are to be followed to insure a secure and lasting spot for your television and viewing pleasure. To mount your TV on drywall, you need to mount the bracket first.

Unless you like an expensive mess on your hands, first, you need to locate your studs. Studs are load bearing and/or separating boards inside the walls. This can easily be done by a stud finder available in your local hardware store. After locating the studs and the preferred height at which the tv is to be mounted, spots are marked and holes are drilled through the wall and into the studs according to the built-in holes in your bracket.

Note that your typical stud is often wooden but in case of metal studs, there can be extra nuances to assure a secure mount such as use of strap toggles since metal studs are narrow and hollow. After the holes are drilled in, the bracket is screwed to the wall nice and level and your TV is mounted on the bracket. Based on your needs and preferences, there are different types of brackets/mounts for you to choose from: